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Each client is provided with a customized immigration strategy.
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We are dedicated to offering you the best client service experience in the industry. You can rely on our Canada job consultancy experts for immigration consultants to handle your case efficiently and at a rate that is competitive.


Professional Canada Job Consultancy

We will guide you through these difficult procedures in a professional and knowledgeable manner. We have been providing immigration assistance to Canadians since 2010. Our goal is to help you successfully navigate the Canadian immigration and hiring process.

We proudly serve the entire country through online consultations.

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Make an appointment with a professional immigration consultant for a thorough examination and consultation.


Review & Follow

Decide how you want to proceed based on your consultation and ask any other questions you have.


Preparing Application

When you’re ready, we’ll prepare your whole application and send it to the IRCC.


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We’ll keep you up to date on the progress of your application and provide you all of the decision papers.


Our Experts Can Help You Create Great Visas

Don’t let complicated immigration rules hold you back anymore. Our straightforward process and our Canada job consultancy experts keeps things simple so you know exactly what to expect.

Canada Immigration

It's no secret that many Canadian businesses are experiencing labour shortages. Every year, we help more than a hundred organisations find competent candidates for available jobs.

Permanent Residency

Obtaining a Canadian PR is the first step in obtaining Canadian citizenship. Every year, Canada welcomes more than 260,000 new permanent residents.

Student Permit

Thousands of candidates from all over the globe want to be admitted into one of Canada's schools or universities and get a study visa.

Super Visa

Parents and grandparents may travel to Canada as long-term guests under the Super Visa Program.


The Government of Canada has established a variety of initiatives to assist and encourage family unity.

PNP - Provincial Nominee Program

The application process will differ depending on the stream of the Provincial Nominee Program you are applying to.

LMIA - Labour Market Impact Assessment

It's no secret that many Canadian firms have manpower shortages. Every year, we assist over a hundred organisations to identify qualified applicants for their open positions.

Visitor Visa

Every year, Canada welcomes approximately 50 million visitors from throughout the world. You may go to Canada for pleasure, to see family and friends, or for business.

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Improve Your Success Opportunities

Contact Global sky immigration Canada job consultancy with your immigration-related concerns, and one of our experts will refer you to the most appropriate immigration specialist.

Canada Sponsorship
Settle/ Reunite With Your Family In Canada

The Government of Canada has made family reunification a top priority, and there are a variety of initiatives in place to help and promote this essential Canadian principle. Unfortunately, many individuals believe it is not “their right” to sponsor anyone they like, only to learn much later – years later – that this is not always the case. The following are some of the categories that describe the family categories and are intended to help you understand your choices under the Canadian Immigration System. Global Sky Immigration is here to help you understand how to use the programmes to discover the fastest and most cost-effective approach to enter Canada and meet your immigration objectives. Please check some of the alternatives below for an overview of the appropriate categories and criteria, or call Global Sky Immigration TODAY for more information.

family | Global sky immigration Canada job consultancy
Canada job consultancy | Global Sky immigration
Student Visa Permit

Learn More About
Studying In Canada

Canada boasts a world-class education system that is unparalleled in the world. Admissions to Canadian universities have increased by orders of magnitude, and both the institutions and the government have responded by opening their doors to anyone who desire to come and study here in Canada. Since its inception, the Canadian government has seen students as attractive prospective permanent residents. As a student, you have been educated in the Canadian educational system and have taken the time to get familiar with not just the educational system, but also with Canada as a country. Work authorization will be granted before you can apply for permanent residence; this has enabled the next generation of Canadians to begin their Canadian adventure by studying at a Canadian university.


Immigration System that is Quick and Efficient

Every year, Canada welcomes thousands of qualified professionals from all over the world. There are several entry channels for talented professionals who seek to permanently relocate to Canada. If you have the necessary abilities, you may apply directly from abroad; alternatively, you can come as a Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) or as a student gaining work experience after graduation. It is critical to have good instruction and counsel at every stage, regardless of how you do it, so that you may continue in an educated and effective way. Global Sky Immigration is here to help you understand how to use the programmes to discover the fastest and most cost-effective approach to enter Canada and meet your immigration objectives. Explore the many options and call Global Sky Immigration immediately so that our Canada job consultancy can assist you in putting together your immigration plan!

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What Our Clients Says

John Doe
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Global Sky cares about us and wants your application to flourish. He will listen to your circumstances and advise you based on the law. They advises you on the various possibilities and recommends the best solution for your circumstance. They  are thoughtful, talented, and kind. I'd employ them again if I could, and you should too.
Rick JohnUSA
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Global Sky Immigration assisted us with a difficult issue involving verifying Canadian citizenship via ancestry in Canada. They performed an excellent job of guiding us and preparing our application despite the fact that the criteria were quite complicated. They are a fantastic legal practise, and we had a terrific time dealing with all of their staff, especially Athena. Thank you for your assistance and the positive result!
Harry Patel
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Global Sky Immigration came highly recommended, and we were not disappointed! We worked with Shivani throughout the whole process, and she was really helpful in every way. Because a lot of the paperwork and regulations were so laborious, I honestly don't believe we would have been able to complete it without her. The communication was excellent! For immigration services, I strongly suggest them.
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Most Asked Question

Our prices include professional fees only. HST may be applicable on top of that.

Government fees and disbursements (translation services, medical insurance premiums, medical examination fees, language exam fees, international student admission fees, etc.) are paid directly to government or third parties.

To check IRCC’s processing fees, please refer to their website.

No one can guarantee approval of your application, as final decision fully depends on immigration officer.

Kindly avoid all kind of ghost consultants as well as unethical representatives who “guarantee results” or provide “success rates” to grab your attention.

we put all our efforts in maximizing your chances of success. Reputation of our immigration company is extremely important to us, as you can see from our client reviews.

Yes. Statistically, more than 30% of our clients were refused at least once prior to retaining our services.

However, an initial consultation is required to assess your individual situation and reasons of refusal to make sure we can take your case.

This is one of the most frequently asked immigration questions in Canada. Both federal and Quebec skilled employees, as well as provincial candidates, may be eligible for Canada Immigration Visas.

Under Canada’s economic immigration categories, those who have studied and/or worked in Canada, as well as business professionals, are eligible.

You may also be given a Canada Immigration Visa via family sponsorship if you are a close relative of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

If you complete and submit an online assessment, we will evaluate at no charge.

If the applicant is under the age of 22, they must mention their spouse/common-law partner/conjugal partner, as well as any dependent children, in their immigration application. If the applicant’s dependent kid is 22 or older, he or she must be enrolled full-time at a Canadian university.

Medical tests and security clearance requirements will be required of dependents. It’s worth noting that if your family status changes after you’ve completed your application, it might delay the processing of your application.

You are not permitted to include your parents in your application. If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you may be eligible to sponsor your parents and grandparents to come to Canada via one of two current programmes: Family Class sponsorship and/or the Super Visa programme.

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