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Foreign nationals who are married and/or have dependent children who seek to study in Canada may wish to bring their family members to Canada with them throughout their studies. Although study permit applications with accompanying family members will be considered by Canadian immigration officers, having family members on a study permit application may impact the visa officer’s decision.

Study permits in Canada are temporary residence permits, which means the bearer must convince the immigration officer that they will leave the country when their permission expires. In rare situations, if a student wishes to bring their whole family to Canada, the visa officer may infer that the student does not intend to stay in Canada after completing their studies. This may influence the visa officer’s decision to grant or deny the study permit.

All study visa applicants are required to write a statement outlining why they desire to study in Canada. This portion of the application allows the applicant to describe why they want their spouse and/or children to join them to Canada. The immigration officer has the last say on whether or not to grant a study visa. Please keep in mind that a person may apply for a study visa without their family members, then submit an updated application later seeking family members’ permission to join them in Canada.

If the applicant does not follow the necessary processes, seeking to modify an application in this manner may result in misrepresentation and a five-year suspension from Canada. Applicants must show that they will be able to sustain themselves financially throughout their first year of school. Those who seek to bring their families should be prepared to show that they have sufficient finances to sustain them. If an overseas student is travelling with their spouse and/or dependent children, they should be aware of the implications for accommodation and health insurance.

Bring Your Partner

A foreign citizen may add their spouse on their application for a Canadian study permit, but bear in mind the above-mentioned implications on the study permit’s acceptance. If a foreign person and their spouse are authorised for a study visa in Canada, the spouse will be entitled to apply for a spousal open work permit. For the same duration as their partner’s study visa, this work permit will allow the spouse to work full-time for any business in Canada. If both couples want to study in Canada, they will need to apply for separate study visas.

Bring any dependent children with you.

A foreign individual may add dependent children in their application for a Canadian study permit, but bear in mind the above-mentioned implications for study permit approval. If a foreign individual is granted a study permit in Canada with their dependant kid, the youngster will be awarded a visa allowing them to remain in Canada for the same amount of time as the primary applicant. All minor children have the right to get an education at the pre-school, primary, or secondary level if one of their parents has a work or study permit in Canada.

A ‘dependent kid,’ according to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, is a person under the age of 22 who does not have a spouse or partner. If a person above the age of 22 is unable to financially support oneself due to a mental or physical disability, they may still be deemed a dependant.

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