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In order to qualify for a Super Visa to Canada, you must complete specific eligibility requirements, which include inviting your parents or grandparents to join you in Canada for up to two years at a time. The Super Visa may be obtained by applying just once, but your parents or grandparents can use it for several visits to and from Canada once they have obtained it.

In what ways are Super Visas and Visitor Visas distinct from one another?

The Super Visa is the most suitable option if your parents or grandparents desire to travel to Canada and remain for more than six months without leaving the country. If they are planned on staying for a shorter period of time or intend to travel in and out of Canada on a regular basis, a normal TRV may be more appropriate.

You must demonstrate that your family’s income fulfils the minimum requirements, which vary based on the number of persons in your household. To establish the appropriate quantity of money necessary, multiply the number of family members who are now reliant on you by the number of parents or grandparents you will host (depending on the number of guests you will receive).

Super Visa Insurance is a kind of insurance that protects you from losing your visa.

As part of your application for a Super Visa, you will be required to produce proof that you have obtained an insurance policy to cover the medical expenses of your parents or grandparents while they are in Canada. When entering Canada, the minimum necessary insurance coverage is $100,000 per person, and the policy should be active for one year from the date of arrival. In order to be considered, you must purchase the insurance and present it with your application; you cannot just submit a quotation. After your parent or grandparent’s visa has been accepted, you will need to tell the insurance company of the specifics of their arrival in Canada. The insurance company will then alter the policy to begin as soon as your parent or grandparent arrives in Canada. It is possible that you may be entitled to a pro-rated refund if they depart Canada before the first year has expired.

Examination by a physician and clearance from the police

Parents and grandparents who want to apply for a Super visa will be required to complete an immigration medical examination as well as present police clearances demonstrating that they are permitted to Canada.

Privileges and benefits inside Canada

Grandparents and parents who have a Super visa are permitted to stay in Canada for a longer amount of time than an ordinary tourist, but they are not granted any special rights while they are in Canada. Due to the fact that they are ineligible for provincial health insurance, they are required to get private health insurance coverage. Additionally, they are not permitted to work unless they qualify for a work permit under one of the currently available categories. The provision of care for grandkids, however, is not regarded to fit the legal definition of labour for which a work permit is necessary as long as the grandparents are related to the children involved.

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Frequently asked Questions

A Super Visa may be applied for by the parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents. If you have siblings who still reside with your parents outside of Canada, they will need to apply for a standard TRV if they wish to visit Canada and need a visa.

In addition to supplying your parent or grandparent with a letter of invitation, you must also commit to financially assist them throughout their stay and prove that your income matches the acceptable amount, which varies based on the number of members in your household. To figure out how much money you’ll need, add your parents or grandparents (depending on how many visits you’ll have) to the total number of family members who are presently financially reliant on you.

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